FC Fusion – Fiber Welder, Cutter & Cleaner

The BOSS FC Fusion is a 3-in-1 handheld Fiber Laser capable of easily cutting, welding, and cleaning metal materials. The FC Fusion can be outfitted with power options ranging from 1.5KW or 2KW; higher power is available. Call for details. The compact portable unit can be transported where and when you need it. The FC Fusion has a smaller learning curve than traditional welding and can weld up to 4x faster than TIG, with higher-quality and more consistent welds. Combining ease of use, high speed, and the ability to weld dissimilar metals, the BOSS FC Fusion was designed to cater to many industries. Widely utilized in aerospace, automotive, signage, and fabrication industries, the Boss Laser FC Fusion embodies efficiency and versatility, promising to enhance productivity and raise the standards of your metalworking operations. Click Here to Book a Call with a Laser Support Specialist to Learn More!

From: $16,995.00


1.5KW or 2KW Fiber Laser Power

Includes 1,500 watts (1.5KW) of fiber laser power, capable of welding both thin and thick metals.

Easy to Use - Even for Novices!

Compared to MIG or TIG Welding the Boss Fiber Welder utilizes laser technology making it incredibly easy for novices to weld at a professional level.

Laser Precision

LSD Controls allow you to regulate the power of the laser to ensure the perfect weld.  Turn down the power for thin metals or increase the power to weld thicker materials.


Boss’ Fiber Welder allows you to weld up to 4X faster compared to TIG welding.

Minimal Heat Affected Zone

With the added laser precision only a very small zone is affected by the heat.  The result is more professional looking welds and more consistent results.

Weld Dissimilar Metals

Easily weld dissimilar metals such as copper to stainless or to aluminum.

Built In Safety Mechanisms

Built in safety mechanisms gives you the peace of mind. Less worry about accidents on the job site

Designed and Engineered in USA by BOSS LASER

As we continue to design, engineer, and assemble our laser systems here at Boss we have expanded our facilities to 60,000 sq. ft. We continue to build in-house as well.

We strive to improve our quality output by upholding our IS0-9001:2015 certification. We are also members of BBB, D&B, System for Award Management (SAM), and Laser Institute of America (LIA).

See a laser Live! Come and visit us in Sanford, FL just 20 min North of Orlando.

Quality Management System (QMS) - ISO-9001 CERTIFIED

ISO 9001 is the International Standard for a quality management system (“QMS”). For our company to be third party certified to the ISO 9001 standard, we had to follow the requirements set forth within the Standard. ISO 9001 evaluates whether our QMS is first appropriate and effective, and then forces us to identify and implement improvements.

In short, the standard demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement. The current version is ISO 9001:2015, which was published in September of 2015 (thus the: 2015).

Lifetime Tech Support

Our In-House Tech Support team is here to serve and support from the day you receive your BOSS Laser and for as long as you own the machine. Our tech support utilizes video, help manuals, phone, email, remote support via. Team Viewer, FaceTime, and even on-site support if necessary.

Need on-site installation and training for your team? Give us a call we’re here to help!

Warehoused Replacement Parts & Accessories

Having supported thousands of businesses, hobbyists, educational, military, and Government institutions we know and understand how critical it is to be able to deliver competent and timely support. Quality support begins with warehousing ALL parts to the machine you purchase – in our facilities. That way if you have an issue with your laser cutter, we can not only diagnose the problem we can also ship you the part you need same or next day.

Our goal is for you to experience maximum up-time!

Warranty – 2 Years Parts Includes Fiber Laser

Boss’ fiber laser power warranty is two (2) years covers all parts including the fiber laser source. Have questions? We’re here to help: 407-878-0880.

We 100% Guarantee with Our 30-Day Guarantee Return Policy

What about Boss’ return policy? You have thirty (30) full days to test drive your BOSS LASER machine for yourself. Engrave, cut, and prove it for yourself! We Guarantee a quality machine backed by quality support!

FC Fusion Welder
LCD Touchscreen

Dial in the perfect weld from the convenient LCD touchscreen.

10 Meter Fiber Optic Cable

Flexible 10 meter (33 foot), All-in-One "Umbilical" cord connects the laser source to the handheld laser head.

Emergency Stop


Laser welding generally offers much faster welding speeds than traditional methods, especially for thin materials.


Laser beams can be focused to a very small diameter, allowing for precise, controlled, and consistent welds. This makes it particularly suitable for small parts or for applications requiring detailed work.

Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)

The heat affected zone is typically smaller in laser welding. This reduces the potential for distortion and warping of the material being welded.

Less Distortion

Due to the concentrated heat source and faster cooling rate, there’s usually less distortion in the welded parts.

High Depth-to-Width Ratio

Laser welding can produce welds with a high depth-to-width ratio, allowing for deep penetration with a narrow weld bead.

Minimal Contact

Since laser welding is a non-contact process, there’s no electrode wear or contamination to be concerned about. This also means that there’s no need to replace worn-out electrodes as in SMAW or GTAW.

Clean Welds

Laser welding often results in clean welds with minimal spatter or need for post-weld cleanup.


Laser welding is easily integrated into automated production systems, offering consistent and repeatable weld quality.


Since laser welding does not produce arcs or sparks like traditional welding methods, there’s a reduced risk of burn injuries. However, laser welding does introduce its own set of safety considerations, such as the risk of eye injury from the intense light.

Low Maintenance

Laser welding machines tend to have fewer moving parts and therefore often require less maintenance compared to traditional welding machines.

Focusing Lenses

Adjust from pinpoint focus, to negative or positive defocus depending on your application

Copper Nozzle

Wire Feed Bracket



Non metals



Non metals



Non metals




Laser Type



  • Water Cooling

Laser wavelength

  • 1080+5 nm


  • 50-20,000

Power Regulation Range

  • 10%-100%

Beam Parameter Product

  • BPP <1.5(mmxmrad)

LCD Screen

  • Touchscreen


  • Class 4 laser

Output Light Length

  • 10 m/ 32.8 ft

Power Requirements

  • 220+10% V AC 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

  • Max. 8000 W

Placement Environment

  • Flat, Vibration and Impact Free

Fiber Core Diamter

  • 50 um
  • 14 um
  • 20 um
  • 100 um
  • 200 um
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Any feelings of skepticism you might have about investing in a new laser machine is completely normal! This is why BOSS LASER makes every effort to absorb as much risk as possible so you’re free to make a good decision. We want to make it easy for you to prove that our laser systems are quality machines backed by quality support.

We want you as our customer to be 100% satisfied. BOSS LASER guarantees you a 30-Day Return window (beginning the date of receipt) to evaluate your purchase. Click here for details.



BOSS LASER warrants its products and parts against defects in materials or workmanship for two (2) years from the original date of receipt. Click here for details.



Customer Reviews

Roger Merrill
Roger Merrill
Great Products Great Customer Service. My customer service experience started with Elaine Bowery, who answered the phone and ended with Dorian in tech support. Both were attentive to my problem and worked diligently to get us back into production. Thank You!!
Frank Centrone
Frank Centrone
I have had my boss laser for 4 years now and Boss Laser's tech support has always been quick to respond and very patent with me to help figure out my issue and troubleshoot my problems to get me back on board. I had the pleasure of working with Dorian, and he did everything in his power to help trouble shoot with phone calls and emails. Highly recommend these guys!
Brian Gudalis
Brian Gudalis
Dorian was quick to respond and solve my issues to keep our family business running.
Dan Roberts
Dan Roberts
Excellent service and follow through. Michael was amazing
Gary Ensmenger
Gary Ensmenger
Thank you BossLaser! The FM-D Desktop Laser Marking Machine has been absolutely amazing. It's become to most used tool in the machine shop. Marking beautiful high-resolution permanent logos on aluminum is only one of many production uses. Production is now become very dependent the FM-D for so many tasks. I appreciate being able to phone and/or email BossLaser for technical support and/or sales for upgrades. I'm so lucky they are local in Sanford, FL, only a 30 mile trip from Orlando. Customers are treated professionally by BossLaser team members from reception (Elaine), sales (Steven Engen), demonstrations (Ken), tech support (Kyle). BossLaser has "had my back" since I first walked in their front door as a fiber laser newbie. I'm a happy customer.
Randall Stanton
Randall Stanton
Great customer support and service after the sale. A+
Jeff Serena
Jeff Serena
Ken did a demo for me with a Boss Laser and I was extremely impressed. Looking forward to doing business with Ken and BOSSLAZER.
Patience Pamugwagwa
Patience Pamugwagwa
Miss Elaine always goes above and beyond to make sure you are connected with the right person for your technical issues.
SNS Enterprise Group LLC
SNS Enterprise Group LLC
Ken's Boss Laser demo was top-notch, showcasing the impressive capabilities of the machines with skill and enthusiasm. His expertise made the experience not only informative but also highly engaging.
Jesse Cox
Jesse Cox
Scott was a huge help calibrating our machine and provided a little extra training and a few nice tips!
Glen Simmons
Glen Simmons
Ken was very knowledgeable and showed us everything we needed. He pointed us in the direction we need to go. We will be purchasing a unit sone.
Dundee Dempsey
Dundee Dempsey
The Boss Laser team is always professional and patient when trying to troubleshoot an issue. Robert was amazing and knew exactly how to fix our issue. 100% reliable and quality people
Melissa O'Connor
Melissa O'Connor
Robert with Boss Tech department was a world of help, walked me through exactly how to fix my machine. Thank you so much Boss Lasers and Robert for exceeding my expectations!
Marie Deal Horner
Marie Deal Horner
Service is top notch, my machine performs as expected with such a long distance for shipping and Robert provided all the help I could ask for it aligning my laser
Tim Tucker
Tim Tucker
excellent tech support. They work with you very hard to help you anyway they can with any problems with your machine.
Had a training with Ken this week- can't say enough about how informative it was. We left feeling more confident, he took the time to explain the concepts so we could apply it to other applications. Highly recommend!
Larry Richard
Larry Richard
machine is good, people helpful, service great