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FC-6012 Elite Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The BOSS FC-6012 ELITE fiber laser cutter improves upon the PRO with a more robust frame, premium components, and increased power options (up to 2KW) for more demanding production environments. Laser cut steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium and more. Includes U.S.A made IPG power source, onsite installation and training, and a full 2-Year warranty.

Josh is the technician that saved our busy... Kaitlynn
Josh is the technician that saved our busy season! Our experience with our technology maintenance visit was amazing. Josh walked us through everything we didn't know that we didn't know about our equipment and helped us by getting our lasers back into tip-top shape.


IPG-1KW Fiber Power:
  • -Upgrade to 1.5kw or 2kw IPG
  • -Wavelength 1.07 μm
  • -Multi-Mode Beam Quality
  • -Water-cooled Industrial Performance
  • -Direct Modulation up to 50 kHz
  • -High Reliability with 2-Year Warranty
Advanced Sigma 7™ YASKAWA Servo Motors & Drivers

Y axis dual drive

X single drive
Yaskawa’s Sigma7™ servo series was designed to maximize responsiveness in applications where precise load matching is of critical importance. This
family of brushless servo motors was created with low capacity applications in mind, yet can respond with rated speeds to 3000 rpm
and torque ratings up to 2.39 N-m (21 in-lb) when an application requires it. 24-bit encoder resolution maintains industry-leading positional accuracy
in any operating condition.

Atlanta Helical Gear Racks From Atlanta Drive Systems™

Made in Germany with a branch here in New Jersey, Atlanta Drive Systems gives BOSS’ FC Elite fiber cutter high precision helical gear racks.  With minimal pitch error over the entire travel length the high precision parallelism allows for drives with extremely low backlash without the need for preloading.

Aviation Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum Gantry

Manufactured to aerospace standards to 6061 T6 – hardened aluminum alloy.  T6 temper 6061 aluminum is treated to provide the maximum precipitation hardening (therefore yielding maxium strength).    Aviation aluminum has many advantages beyond strength including light weight, corrosion resistant, low density, all of which contribute ot improved processing speeds.

Fiber Laser Cutting Head - Swiss Engineered

Premium fiber laser head suitable for medium and higher power fiber lasers in industrial applications. Includes a new dust-proof design that eliminates collimation lens contamination.   Also, a top protective window was added to the collimation assembly as well as the bottom protective window structure is also fully upgraded with protection.  This double protection design enhances the user experience by practically eliminating any lens contamination risk.

Head Features:

• Optimized optical configuration offers a smooth and  efficient airflow design

• Improved anti-collision function prevents damaging the laser head

• Turntable focus adjustment with range of 20mm, accuracy – 0.05mm

• Collimation lens, focusing lens, and nozzle equipped with cooling structures

Convenient FC Machine Mounted Monitor & Windows 10 PC

Machine mounted and adjustable Monitor connected to Windows 10 PC.  Includes CYP-CUT laser interface pre-installed.

Critical Transmission Components: Helical Gear Rack & Pinion Plus...

The main and critical components to the drive transmission include: Helical Gear Rack & Pinion transmission supported on 20mm Hiwinn Rails & Bearing Blocks.  Yaskawa Sigma7TM servo motors and drivers coupled with Neutgart inline gear reduction enables the FC Pro to achieve +/- .02mm positioning accuracy.

Have more questions?  Feel free to give one of our laser experts a call.  We’re here to help? 407.988.2420

CypCUT Laser Cutting Control Software

Designed for laser cutting CypCUT is a popular and robust software for industrial fiber laser systems.  It includes control card, breakout board with a wireless remote along with a  free standing capacitive height adjustor.  On the VIDEOS tab you can view the nesting utility.

NOTE: All FC series laser purchases include a minimum of 2 days install and training of which operators will be able to understand CypCUT functionality.

Designed & Engineered In USA By Boss Laser

As we continue to design, engineer, and assemble our laser systems here at Boss we have expanded our facilities to 43,000 sq. ft.  We continue to build in-house as well.  We strive to improve our quality output by upholding our IS0-9001:2015 certifcation. We are also members of BBB, D&B, System for Award Management (SAM), and Laser Institute of America (LIA).  See a laser Live! Come and visit us in Sanford, FL just 20 min North of Orlando.

Fiber Laser Cut Steel With Precision Up To 9mm Thick For Carbon Steel With 1KW

Fiber Laser Cut Steel with Precision up to 9mm thick for Carbon Steel using 1KW IPG power.  More power will obviously improve upon that as well as the speed.  Have questions?  Give one of our fiber laser experts a call: 407-988-2420.

Independent Temp Control Cabinet

The thermostat controlled cabinet protects the electrical components and IPG laser source from dust and heat for increased longevity.

Industrial Fiber Laser Chiller

Our dual temperature water chiller provides  4200 watts of cooling capacity.  Designed for cooling 1000W fiber lasers they are include both a dual circulating refrigeration and dual temperature control systems.

  • Voltage:220V
  • Frequency:50/60Hz
  • Refrigerant:R-410a
  • Reducer:capillary
  • Pump Power:0.55KW
  • Tank Capacity:15L
  • Inlet And Outlet:Rp1/2+Rp1/2
  • N.W:67Kgs
  • G.W:77Kgs
  • Dimension:70*47*89(L*W*H)
  • Package Dimension:74*61*104(L*W*H)
Neugart™ Planetary GearBox

NeugartTM  gearboxes offer an ideal combination of precision planetary gearbox and efficient bearing technology. It has been developed specifically for delivering the maximum performance at high speeds. Its helical teeth provide homogeneous synchronism and quiet running noise.

New SawTooth Blade Cutting Platform

Removable SawTooth Blade Cutting Platform and material clamps for sheet metal processing.

On-Site - *Two (2) Days Installation & Training Included*

Let’s get your team producing quickly and efficiently!  Boss’ EXT cutters include Two (2) Days of On-Site Installation & Training.
We cover the most important items from machine safety, set-up, maintenance, basic software functions, and if time permits any new job you want to be setup for.

Quality Management System (QMS) - ISO-9001 CERTIFIED

ISO 9001 is the International Standard for a quality management system (“QMS”).  In order for our company to be third party certified to the ISO 9001 standard, we had to follow the requirements set forth within the Standard. ISO 9001 evaluates whether our QMS is first appropriate and effective, and then forces us to identify and implement improvements.


In short the standard demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement.  The current version is ISO 9001:2015, which was published in September of 2015 (thus the: 2015).

Tech Support For Life Via. BOSS' In-House Laser Tech's And Engineers

Our In-House Tech Support team is here to serve and support from the day you receive your BOSS Laser and for as long as you own the machine.   Our tech support utilizes video, help manuals, phone, email, remote support via. Team Viewer, FaceTime, and even on-site support if necessary.   Need on-site installation and training for your team? Give us a call we’re here to help!

Warehoused Replacement Parts & Accessories For Quick Replacement

Having supported thousands of businesses, hobbyists, educational, military, and Government institutions we know and understand how critical it is to be able to deliver competant and timely support.  Quality support begins with warehousing ALL parts to the machine you purchase – in our facilites.  That way if you have an issue with your laser cutter we can not only diagnose the problem we can also ship you the part you need same or next day.  This way you experience minimal down time.

Warranty - 2 Year Parts Includes Fiber Laser

Boss’ fiber laser power warranty is two (2) years covers all parts including the fiber laser source.  Have questions?  We’re here to help:  407-988-2420.

We 100% Guarantee With Our 30-Day Guarantee Return Policy

What about Boss’ return policy?  You have thirty (30) full days to test drive your BOSS LASER machine for yourself.  Engrave, cut, and prove it for yourself!  We Guarantee a quality machine backed by quality support!  See details here:  BOSS Guarantee & Warantee Policy


Cutting area

  • 59" X 118" OR 59" X 154"

Fiber Power

  • IPG FIBER 1kw, 1.5kw & 2kw

Software Interface


Machine Dimensions

  • 180"L X 96"W X 82"H OR 315"L X 120"W X 74"H

Motor type




Material platform


Laser Cooling


Net Weight

  • 6,000 LBS.

Gross Weight

  • 6,000 OR 10,500LBS - MACHINE ONLY

Power Supply



  • Class 4 laser


Download spec sheet Have A Question?


Non metals






Any feelings of skepticism you might have about investing in a new laser machine is completely normal! This is why BOSS LASER makes every effort to absorb as much risk as possible so you’re free to make a good decision. We want to make it easy for you to prove that our laser systems are quality machines backed by quality support.

We want you as our customer to be 100% satisfied. BOSS LASER guarantees you a 30-Day Return window (beginning the date of receipt) to evaluate your purchase. Click here for details.



BOSS LASER warrants its products and parts against defects in materials or workmanship for two (2) years from the original date of receipt. Click here for details.



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BOSS FC-6012 Elite Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

700W - IPG Fiber Power Upgrade Included


  • 5x10'


  • SET UP OPTIONS : 2-Day Custom On-Site Installation & Training (Excludes Travel Exp)


  • 2 Year Limited Warranty (1 Year for Laser)

Call about our price match guarantee

Customer Reviews

Patience Pamugwagwa
Patience Pamugwagwa
Miss Elaine always goes above and beyond to make sure you are connected with the right person for your technical issues.
Dan Galloway
Dan Galloway
It has been my experience that in the few times I've needed to call Boss for help with my machine, they are extremely courteous and quick to help me work out the problem and provide parts if necessary to get my machine back in production. That's exactly what Elaine did for me on my recent call to Boss. She was 100% knowledgeable about my machine and was actually a lot of fun to talk to as we took care of business. 100% a New York girl too. Your awesome Elaine! Thank you.
mandie causie
mandie causie
I didn’t buy my laser brand new and I was still treated so good! Robert was so patient and had my problem solved quick! The only issue is it took a minute for boss to call me back but I’m unassuming it’s because they have lots of customers since their product is amazing!
Sage Herz
Sage Herz
Great experience working with a technician to solve an issue.
Thomas Cornell
Thomas Cornell
I wish I had a good reason to speak with Elaine the receptionist at Boss Laser, unfortunately when I do it's because of a problem, but her voice is always uplifting and cheerful even if my mood is dour. 15 stars to Elaine!
Masen Schneider
Masen Schneider
We were experiencing an issue with our rotary attachment for the LS1630 model laser. We eventually were able to get into contact with technical support, and Robert was great at helping us resolve our problem! After testing multiple fixes to no avail, Boss sent us out a product replacement that immediately solved the issue. Thanks to Robert and Boss Laser, we were able to get our business back up and running!
Aaron Lynn
Aaron Lynn
I have been using Bosslaser machines since 2017. In those past years I have rarely had any issues with the machine and when I did, bosslaser tech-support assisted me in the matter. Most of the time the issue was user error, but if a small part needed to be adjusted or replaced, someone on the tech-support team would walk me through everything to get it taken care of. Great products, great customer service
Ron Ross
Ron Ross
Great Company! Their machines are very good quality and the tech support has alway been a great help.