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boss-hp-2440-high-power-co2-laser-metal-cutting-engraving-machine-control-panel boss-hp-2440-high-power-co2-laser-metal-cutting-engraving-machine-knife-blade-cutting-table boss-hp-2440-high-power-co2-laser-metal-cutting-engraving-machine-laser-head boss-hp-2440-high-power-co2-laser-metal-cutting-engraving-machine-rear boss-hp-2440-high-power-co2-laser-metal-cutting-engraving-machine-reverse 4-Way Material Pass-through for Maximum Productivity

HP-2440 Co2 Laser Cutter and Engraver

High Power 155W – 24×40″ Servo Driven laser cutter delivers the ultimate in material flexibility. Vector cut and raster engrave both metal and non-metal. New Flex™ LIVE reciprocating laser heads. Hybrid Servo, 3x faster 1200 mm/sec makes it the fastest in its class.

Josh is the technician that saved our busy... Kaitlynn
Josh is the technician that saved our busy season! Our experience with our technology maintenance visit was amazing. Josh walked us through everything we didn't know that we didn't know about our equipment and helped us by getting our lasers back into tip-top shape.



Boss’ X-Series™ – The HP series starts with an impressive 155 watts of cutting power with a life time performance of up to 12,000 hours.

We thourougly perform a watt read tests throughout the assembly process to ensure a quality beam profile and maximum power.

The X-Series is engineered to handle demanding production environments and long workdays while delivering consistent results for every job.

By constantly refining and improving the beams power density the X-Series generates a powerful cutting beam with exceptional engraving resolution. Each X-Series tube comes with a (1) One-Year warranty.

Flexible Material Processing

The HP gives you the ultimate in material flexibility. The reciprocating laser head with its high air pressure capability allows you to cut up to 3/4″ Organic materials or 18ga (1.02mm) Stainless Steel with laser precision.

4-Way Material Tru-Pass-Thru™ Points For Greater Flexibility

Dramatically improve material flexibility using Boss’ Tru-Pass-Thru™ points.  Expand your production work area with Boss’ 4 way material pass through points.  Slide and extend your material outside of the work area either front to back or side to side.

Boss Laser Software

2021 LightBurnTM software includes a simple, all-in-one layout, editing, and control software package that is extremely intuitive and feature rich.
LightBurn is a native application written for Windows, Mac OS, and even Linux operating systems. Comes Camera compatible.

New & Easy Laser/PC Connectivity Via. WI-FI, Ethernet, Or USB

Various laser to PC connectivity choices – USB, Ethernet, or WiFI (router included).

New 256MB USB Flash Drive For Alternative Job Storage

As an alternative to the onboard memory available on the controller card you can also save or run jobs from the 256 MB USB flash drive.

HP Saw Tooth & Knife Blade Platform

Whether laser processing wood, acrylic, or stainless steel the Saw Tooth and Knife Blade platform will accommodate your material of choice.  NOTE:  An aluminum honeycomb platfomr for laser cutting small items may be purchased separately.

HP Series Illuminated LCD For Quick Touch Laser Head Control

HP series illuminated LCD touch pad allows operators to easily gain dependable job control of either laser head.

Inline Beam Combiner Illuminates Red Dot For Improved Accuracy And Alignment

The infrared laser beam is invisible to the naked eye but, the included Inline Beam Combiner accurately illuminates a red dot over your material taking the guess work out of where the laser will start to process.

Push Button Z-Axis

Motorized Z-Table With Working Height Of 8″ accommodates taller objects.

The taller cabinet design on our our Entry-Level LS-1630 laser cutter gives you Industrial level work space including up to 8″ of vertical z-axis movement.

At the push of a button you can lower the platform to accommodate taller objects of up to 10″ in height.


4-Way Material Pass Thru Points - EXPANDS WORK AREA

X-SERIES™ Laser Power

Equipped with 155 Watts - Cut up to 3/4" organic material and 18ga Stainless. Includes (1) One-Year Power Warranty

SMART-Hinge access panels

can be safetly locked or unlcoked for easy internal acess


Analog mA meter & Digital water temp gauge for easy monitoring.


-Illuminated LCD panel for push button laser head control.
-Safety E-stop button & keyed start up
-256 MB flash drive job storage


Flexible laser to PC connection options: WiFi Ready, USB or Ethernet

Hybrid Servo Drive System

BOSS Hybrid Servo Drive™ – American servo motors and drivers. 3X speed & acceleration compared to traditional stepper motors. Raster engrave up to 1,200 mm.  Fastest in its class!

Made in USA Focal Lenses

Made-In-USA Optics – NEW! meniscus focal lenses for 2021 enable high quality engraving and deeper cutting for your laser engraving or cutting application. Unlike cheaper plano-convex lenses with a flat side our meniscus focal lenses yield a smaller focused spot with a 14% improved beam transmission to the material.

HP Reciprocating - VECTOR DC™ Laser Head For Steel Processing

The HP series machines all come with two separate laser heads: Flex™ & Vector DC™ for processing organic and steel materials. The VectorDC™ head closely follows sheet metal contours for effective and consistent processing.

HP Auto Focus - FLEX™ Laser Head For Organic Material Processing

The HP series machines all come with two separate laser heads: Flex & Vector DC for processing organic and steel materials. The Flex allows you to change between 2.5″ or 4″ focal lenses depending on the thickness of the organic material being processed.

PC Compatibility Windows, Mac OS, Or Linux

Using your current computer is no problem! Our native application software is written for Windows, Mac OS, and even Linux operating systems 32 or 64 bit.

Quality Management System (QMS) - ISO-9001 CERTIFIED

ISO 9001 is the International Standard for a quality management system (“QMS”). In order for our company to be third party certified to the ISO 9001 standard, we had to follow the requirements set forth within the Standard. ISO 9001 evaluates whether our QMS is first appropriate and effective, and then forces us to identify and implement improvements.

In short the standard demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement.  The current version is ISO 9001:2015, which was published in September of 2015 (thus the: 2015).

Tech Support For Life Via. BOSS' In-House Laser Tech's And Engineers

Our In-House Tech Support team is here to serve and support from the day you receive your BOSS Laser and for as long as you own the machine. Our tech support utilizes video, help manuals, phone, email, remote support via. Team Viewer, FaceTime, and even on-site support if necessary. Need on-site installation and training for your team? Give us a call we’re here to help!

Warehoused Replacement Parts & Accessories For Quick Replacement

Having supported thousands of businesses, hobbyists, educational, military, and Government institutions we know and understand how critical it is to be able to deliver competant and timely support.  Quality support begins with warehousing ALL parts to the machine you purchase – in our facilites.  That way if you have an issue with your laser cutter we can not only diagnose the problem we can also ship you the part you need same or next day.  This way you experience minimal down time.

2-Year Limited Warranty

Boss has improved its warranty!  Our laser systems are warranted to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship under normal use and service for a period of (2) Years for parts and one (1) One-Year for laser power.

We 100% Guarantee With Our 30-Day Guarantee Return Policy

What about Boss’ return policy?  You have thirty (30) full days to test drive your BOSS LASER machine for yourself.  Engrave, cut, and prove it for yourself!  We Guarantee a quality machine backed by quality support!  See details here:  BOSS Guarantee & Warantee Policy


Hybrid Servo motors gives you high power performing, 3x faster DC Servo speed (1,200 mm/sec) with high position accuracy, and significant speed & acceleration improvement compared to stepper motors.


New, high strength linear extrusion rails (X/Y) for handling additional Servo Motor torque.


Flexible Knife blade & Saw Tooth platforms included for mitigating any laser flashback while cutting materials


HP Series includes both the FLEXHead(TM) & VectorDC laser heads for clean raster and deep cutting. Cut 18 ga sheet metal with LIVE, metal following, reciprocating Vector DC head.


Inline with the path of laser beam a red dot automatically illuminates your material start point for improved accuracy and alignment


Provides critical air flow during laser processing preventing material deformation.
Also, Keeps dust and debris away from laser head preventing focal lens contamination.

CAPACITIVE SENSOR enables clean sheet metal cutting.

The LIVE auto focus, reciprocating head senses and adjusts to the contours of sheet metal within 1/10mm.


Cutting area

  • 21.2” x 38.5” or 540 x 980mm

Work Area

  • 40"L X 28"W x 8"H

Laser power


Software Interface

  • 2021 LightBURN™ Software

Material capability


Machine Dimensions

  • 81.1"L X 46.5"W X 44.5"H (W/ 155W TUBE EXTENSION)

Motor type



  • Push button lower or raise 7.5"

Material platform


Venting Attachments

  • Air Exhaust fan w/ extended venting pipe

Gross Power

  • Up to 20 amps

Power Supply


Net Weight

  • 1,200 LBS - MACHINE ONLY

OS Compatibility

  • Windows, Mac OS, or Linux (32 or 64-bit)

Crate Dimensions / Gross Weight

  • 86” L X 54” W X 50” H / 1,400 LBS




  • Class 4 laser


Download spec sheet Have A Question?


What will your HP-2440 do?

Non metals



Non metals






Any feelings of skepticism you might have about investing in a new laser machine is completely normal! This is why BOSS LASER makes every effort to absorb as much risk as possible so you’re free to make a good decision. We want to make it easy for you to prove that our laser systems are quality machines backed by quality support.

We want you as our customer to be 100% satisfied. BOSS LASER guarantees you a 30-Day Return window (beginning the date of receipt) to evaluate your purchase.

Within the thirty (30) days and for any reason you may exercise your right to return or exchange your purchase. A refund or exchange will be issued once machine has been returned and all items are accounted for. Returned items are subject to a Fifteen percent (15%) restocking fee. Due to custom modifications the FC series laser machines are subject to a twenty Five percent (25%) fee. Fume Extraction units are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Refunds can not be issued for leasing equipment due to leasing company terms. We can exchange, however.

For your convenience we advise you to keep and the original crate and packaging for possible return. Refunds exclude any shipping or handling costs for any reason. Any non-returned accessories will not be refunded. The shipping/handling fee orginally charged will be used as the basis for the non-refundable shipping fees. Please us call prior to return shipping for confirmation.



Beginning Dec 1, 2020 BOSS LASER warrants its products and parts against defects in materials or workmanship for two (2) years from the original date of receipt. This does not include the laser tube which is warrantied for one (1) year. Focal lenses are warranted for 30 days. During this period, BOSS LASER will repair or replace defective parts including ground shipping without charge to you (International shipping not included). On site repairs are available at a reasonable cost with consideration to traveling and tech time.



Build machine

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Alignment Tool

Cleaning Kit

Safety Glasses


Computer Connectivity

Air Assist

Water Chillers




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BOSS HP-2440 Co2 Laser Cutter and Engraver

155W X-Series Power Upgrade

Total price : $15,997.00


  • Air Assist : California Air Tools 8010
  • Water Chillers : CW-5200 Active Cooling Water Chiller


  • 2 Year Limited Warranty (1 Year for Laser)



Customer Reviews

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stephen hawkins
stephen hawkins
We have 2 Boss Lasers. Ms. Ashley is the best! The Demo department is second to none and the tech support is amazing. If you find a cheaper laser anywhere, remember, you get this army of incredible people to help you out. Our custom wood department at Captain Hawk Designs and Southern Trend Online are where we are because of them! Thank you so much!
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Bobbi Waddle
Bobbi Waddle
Our technician, Leo, was very informative and patient with our team during the entire 8-hours of training. We had a team of about seven people. He explained everything thoroughly. We were able to take turns and laser different items. He demonstrated everything to us multiple times until we were all comfortable with the operation. He gave us excellent advice and techniques for the best results. He never made us feel like we had too many questions. Leo made our experience an excellent one!
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Scott Bowers
Scott Bowers
I had a focusing issue I couldn't resolve on my own. Janeille was so helpful and walked me through troubleshooting steps until we finally figured out the issue. It took a long time to resolve my issue, but she kept a great attitude when I asked stupid questions and was determined to make sure I was happy. Great customer service! I wish all companies were this determined to make sure their customers are happy.
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Kraig Schlosser
Kraig Schlosser
Kevin has been extremely prompt and knowledgeable in helping us with our fiber laser. We are very satisfied with our dealings with them.
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S Kohl
S Kohl
Ken is very helpful and knowledgeable. Made me understand laser machines better. Great customer service and support
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Rusty Sours
Rusty Sours
We bought a Boss Laser in March and we have zero experience running any type of laser or cnc machine. Darrius was our field tech who absolutely nailed the training and has supported us after the fact when we have had questions or needed help. The field techs are much better than the sales techs who failed to inform us of so many things we needed to accept delivery and be prepared for install. Boss stepped up and gave us extra warranty and consumables for their sales team dropping the ball. We are super happy and impressed with everything this machine is doing to make our company stand out !!
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Nelson Ross
Nelson Ross
Our experience with Boss Laser started out a little shaky, mainly because there was very little communication from our salesperson, so we did not have all the info we required when the machine arrived. However, we were able to get it unloaded and moved into our shop without any major issues. Darrius, the Technician sent to do the setup and training was amazing! He had the machine set up and cutting within 24 hours. The training went very smoothly. Darrius was extremely knowledgeable about the machine and its functions And had us cutting in no time. He has also been prompt in responding when we have had questions since the training. Overall we are very Happy with the FC 6012 Pro laser that we bought from Boss Laser. Thanks again Darrius!!
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Tate Hanners
Tate Hanners
Boss Laser is a great company! My family and I recently visited the site in Sanford, FL for a laser demonstration, and the the service that was provided to us was topnotch to say the least. We could not be grateful enough for Ken Trenholm and Frank Cook spending time with us to cover so many aspects of their lasers. They took time with us for over 2 hours answering questions and engraving a design of our choice. It was so amazing to see the laser operate. We are very excited about potentially purchasing a laser from Boss and learning to utilize their amazing technology. If you are unsure about Boss, believe me, they are an outstanding company. Their commitment to customer service and happiness is second to none. I can't be grateful enough for Boss' time and effort!
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Pedro Ojeda
Pedro Ojeda
I was assisted by Robert was excellent and friendly tech, very knowledgeable of the equipment and solved our problem; My evaluation to him is outstanding, Truly was excellent 100%. I think The Tech department seems overworked. However they have always been helpful and give a response on the same day of the request. I suggest to more field technician available for solve critical issue.
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