Glowforge Alternatives

Considering an upgrade from Glowforge?

See why hundreds of small businesses have upgraded their Glowforge Pro to a Boss LS Series Laser – BossLaser, Built to Serve You!

  • More Power – 70 Watts vs 40-45
  • More Speed – More efficient production
  • More Machine
    • Larger work Area
    • 4-Way Pass-through
    • 630 Pounds vs. 70lbs

Boss Laser Cutters are Fastest in Class

TurboDriveTM Hybid Servo Drive is up to 10x Faster!

In business, time is money; a faster laser cutter is a more profitable laser cutter.

Boss LS-Series
Typical Desktop

Boss Lasers Cut 50% Thicker Wood in One Pass!

Laser Cut Wood up to 3/8″ Thick!

In business, time is money; a faster laser cutter is a more profitable laser cutter.

70 Watt Boss LS Series
Typical 40-45 Watt Desktop

Cut/Engrave ANY Length of Material, up to 4″ Thick!

A Boss Lasers’ productivity is NOT limited by its bed size. They can cut or engrave any length of material that fits; up to 4 inches thick! Boss Laser’s unique 4-Way Pass-through is usable even if the machine is operated close to a wall. Finally, a laser that doesn’t need the whole room.

Full Size 4 Inch Passthrough!

Most desktop lasers don’t have a passthrough, so material must fit inside to cut or engrave. The Glowforge Pro offers a front/rear passthrough for materials 1/4″ or less.

Pass 4″ High Materials Any Direction
Glowforge “Pro”, Front/Rear Only

Boss LS-Series from $4,997.00

Commercial Grade Co2 Laser Cutters

4-Way Passthrough (Shown on LS-1630)

Boss LS-1630


  • 70 Watts of Co2 Power
  • 16″ x 30″ Work Area
  • 4-Way Pass-through
  • up to: 1,300mm/sec

LS-1416/20 CO2 Laser Cutter and Engraver

25% Larger Work Area

An optional 14″ x 20″ work area allows for larger projects and more room to produce multiple pieces simultaneously.

Optional Upgrade

Rotary Compatible

Unlike Glowforge, the LS-1416/20 can laser engrave on tumblers, glasses, coffee cups and almost any other cylindrical object.

70 Watt Upgrade

Cut thicker materials and speed up productivity with 40% more Co2 Laser Cutting power.


Starting at $4,997