What’s the Difference Between HP Series and LS Series?

If you are looking for a CO2 laser cutter/engraver, Boss Laser offers machines for every application. All Boss Lasers are industrial grade machine backed by the best warranty in the industry. For less than a Glowforge, the LS series offers more power and a 4-way pass-through allowing the use of rotary attachments.

The HP Series can cut sheet metal up to 18ga

The HP’s ability to laser cut metal is the main feature which sets it apart from the LS Series. A “regular” 155 watt CO2 laser can’t cut metal, but the HP Series can cut up to 18ga mild steel with ease.

Two Heads are Better than One

VectorDCTM Laser Head
for steel processing

The VectorDCTM head closely follows sheet metal contours for effective and consistent processing.

FlexTM Laser Head
for non-metal materials

The Flex allows you to change between 2.5″ or 4″ focal lenses depending on the thickness of the organic material being processed.

Dedicated Control Card for VectorDCTM Laser Head

Simply swapping out an LS Series head for a HP Series head won’t work. Even if you upgrade the power supply and use a 155w X-Series tube, the LS Series controller is not designed to run the VectorDCTM head, so it will not work. The VectorDCTM head requires a controller with specific capabilities, which the HP Series includes.