Laser engraving machines offer an efficient and precise solution for manufacturing your own rubber stamps.  Designing and creating personal or professional rubber stamps via. laser embossing is a common job for CO2 lasers.  Stamp making can be used for erasers or for duplicating professional marks, logos, and addresses. It can also be for fun and innovative art work whether it be for personal use, retail or gift making.

You can purchase no-odor laser polymer sheets specifically formulated for laser engraving.  This type of polymer is offered in various colors, sheet sizes, and with little to no odor.   The result is crisp, clean characters that leave clean stamp impressions. You’ll want stamp rubber that will work with all water or alcohol based inks.

Boss Laser makes it easy to set up the right print and laser driver settings to start producing quality stamp impressions. You can engrave intricate detailed designs or messages for use in gift making and scrapbooking applications.

Once you create your own unique, custom message or artwork that will be used for your stamp, simply import your design to your favorite vector graphics editor such as CorelDraw or Illustrator and press print!

If you think you will process rubber (or other types of odoriferous materials) then you will want to seriously consider a fume extraction system.  The new Boss Laser fume extraction units were engineered  specifically for the size of Boss’ laser machines.  They will pull in the fumes, odors, or debris from the laser cavity, filter it out, then recirculate the clean air back into the environment.  The FiltraBOX units are designed and engineered in Canada and are strong enough to extract fumes emitted from laser processing rubber.

If you would like more information or would like to check out how one of our Boss Laser machines engraves stamps feel free to contact us for samples or more information.

WARNING:  Laser engraving or cutting polymer or rubber can potentially ignite on fire.  As with any material never leave the laser cutter unattended during a job – especially when processing rubber.   Also, some polymers for stamping can emit foul odor when processed with a laser.




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