Stamp Making

The Boss CO2 laser engraving machine can be used to engrave custom rubber stamps for artistic and officework applications. Boss laser engraving machines can create intricate designs from CorelDraw or Illustrator. The Boss CO2 laser works best with no-odor polymer sheets designed specifically for laser engraving, which come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and don’t create the smell that some polymers do during the laser engraving process. Boss also offers a fume extractor you can use for removing odors, fumes and debris while laser engraving polymers.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Boss CO2 laser is perfect for engraving intricately-designed custom-made polymer stamps.
  • The Boss CO2 laser engraving system can etch words and/or images from CorelDraw and Illustrate files.
  • The Boss laser engraving system works best with odor-free polymer, and you can also purchase a Boss fume extractor to remove fumes, odor and debris

“Laser engraving or cutting polymer or rubber can potentially ignite on fire. As with any material never leave the laser cutter unattended during a job – especially when processing rubber. Also, some polymers for stamping can emit foul odor when processed with a laser.”

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