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Micro Multi-Stage Fume Extraction

  • Removes virtually ANY laser processing smells and odors
  • Lightweight for cost-effective shipping
  • Quick-Release Filter Modules for fast / easy access and service.


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Filtrabox Micro Replacement Filters - Pre Filter $125.00
Filtrabox Micro Replacement Filters - Hepa Filter $205.00
Filtrabox Micro Replacement Filters - Carbon Filter $315.00
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Filtrabox Micro

Boss Laser is proud to once again introduce a new class leading fume extractor made in North America. The patent pending MICRO represents one of our most easy-to-use and cost effective fume extraction systems to date. Engineered for Boss’ entry level laser cutters (LS-1416/20 ). All of Boss’ systems include exhaust fans and venting so you can exhaust fumes out a room. However, doing so may not be an option due to health regulations or operating within a confined space. If so the MICRO offers you an affordable solution for filtrating without the necessity of venting outside.


  • Multi-Stage (3) filtration medias removes fumes and odors of airborne particulates without venting outside
  • Best In Class Filters: 1. Pre-Filter (Class F9 6m2), 2. HEPA Filter (Class H14 6m2), 3. Gas Filter:Oxy-Carbon 20lbs.
  • Quick-Release Filter Modules for fast / easy access and service. No doors, stacking or digging into dusty cabinets!
  • Low cost replacement filtration medias
  • Replacement filters are replaceable typically every 6 months but varies depending on daily use.
  • Removes virtually ANY laser processing smells and odors INCLUDING acrylic, rubber, and leather
  • Lightweight for cost-effective shipping
  • 1- Year warranty on all parts excluding filtration medias


Filtration Medias


Air flow rate

  • 128 CFM

Power Supply


Machine Dimensions

  • 26"H X 10"W X 17"D


  • 75 LBS.


  • UP TO 55DB

Customer Reviews

Patience Pamugwagwa
Patience Pamugwagwa
Miss Elaine always goes above and beyond to make sure you are connected with the right person for your technical issues.
Dan Galloway
Dan Galloway
It has been my experience that in the few times I've needed to call Boss for help with my machine, they are extremely courteous and quick to help me work out the problem and provide parts if necessary to get my machine back in production. That's exactly what Elaine did for me on my recent call to Boss. She was 100% knowledgeable about my machine and was actually a lot of fun to talk to as we took care of business. 100% a New York girl too. Your awesome Elaine! Thank you.
mandie causie
mandie causie
I didn’t buy my laser brand new and I was still treated so good! Robert was so patient and had my problem solved quick! The only issue is it took a minute for boss to call me back but I’m unassuming it’s because they have lots of customers since their product is amazing!
Sage Herz
Sage Herz
Great experience working with a technician to solve an issue.
Thomas Cornell
Thomas Cornell
I wish I had a good reason to speak with Elaine the receptionist at Boss Laser, unfortunately when I do it's because of a problem, but her voice is always uplifting and cheerful even if my mood is dour. 15 stars to Elaine!
Masen Schneider
Masen Schneider
We were experiencing an issue with our rotary attachment for the LS1630 model laser. We eventually were able to get into contact with technical support, and Robert was great at helping us resolve our problem! After testing multiple fixes to no avail, Boss sent us out a product replacement that immediately solved the issue. Thanks to Robert and Boss Laser, we were able to get our business back up and running!
Aaron Lynn
Aaron Lynn
I have been using Bosslaser machines since 2017. In those past years I have rarely had any issues with the machine and when I did, bosslaser tech-support assisted me in the matter. Most of the time the issue was user error, but if a small part needed to be adjusted or replaced, someone on the tech-support team would walk me through everything to get it taken care of. Great products, great customer service
Ron Ross
Ron Ross
Great Company! Their machines are very good quality and the tech support has alway been a great help.