Veteran Laser Engraved Brick

Laser Vitrification Process

When a laser “marks” a brick, something really cool happens; the brick changes color right before your eyes!

In this process, the brick is heated to a temperature above 700 °C until it liquefies. The molten brick then cools rapidly, resulting in a glassy product.

Vitrification is a Colorful Process

This is because the laser energy causes the molecules in the brick to vibrate, which then produces light. This process is called fluorescence.

Fluorescence occurs when an object absorbs light at one wavelength and then emits light at a different wavelength. In the case of bricks, they typically absorb light in the ultraviolet range of the spectrum and then emit light in the visible range.

The color of the light that is emitted depends on the particular brick composition. For example, iron oxide-based bricks will emit a red color while aluminum oxide-based bricks will emit a green color.

See the process on our YouTube Channel

See this project being made on a 100 Watt Boss FM Series Fiber Marking Station.

Made using a 100 Watt Boss Fiber Marking Station

Vitrified Brick – Project Specifications:

  • 100 Watt FM-Station
  • 95% Power
  • 200mm/sec Speed