Laser wood engraving

Laser Engraving Wood

Several wood varieties have the ability to used when participating in laser wood engraving. Laser wood engraving is a fantastic way to personalize various wood items in order to represent your personality, brand, or just to include a fun design to enhance an artifact’s surface. You may want to choose a softer type of wood such as hickory or maple due to the fact that the laser will require much less power while also operating at a faster speed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Boss laser engraving machines offer a precise, customizable and aesthetically pleasing way of engraving designs into wood.
  • Boss laser engraving machines do not require sophisticated CNC knowledge, and will readily reproduce designs from common graphics software.
  • While the amount of power needed for the Boss CO2 laser to engrave cleanly depends on the hardnes of the wood, 50 watts will generally penetrate about 1/4 inch of wood.

“The CO2 laser will turn wood light or dark depending the amount of resin or sap. Both tend to cause the laser to burn deeper and darker giving the processed area a darker appearance. So, woods like cherry or alder will tend to laser process darker.”

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