Boss Laser Partners with Lens Digital

Boss Laser and LensDigital Partner to Better Serve Customers

The world’s best rotary was designed for a Boss Laser

No doubt about it, the Laser Engraving industry is growing incredibly fast. In the past couple of years, we have seen a huge increase in the “personalization” of cylindrical items like Yeti tumblers, coffee mugs, wine/champagne glasses, etc. This tremendous growth would not have been possible without the availability of high quality rotaries. Before PiBurn, rotary adapters were little more than a servo motor, rollers, rails and a few 3D printed parts. Technically, they “worked”, but often needed to be modified/upgraded for specific applications.

Len Karchevsky, founder of LensDigital, designed the first PiBurn for his fast growing laser engraving business. Quickly outgrowing his “Chinese” laser, he purchased his first Boss LS-1630, which he refers to as his “workhorse” to this day. Equipped with an “industrial grade” laser, he needed an “industrial” rotary to keep up with production. Considering all available options, he built the first PiBurn.

Since then, the PiBurn, which is now on v4.0, has been continuously improved. Today LensDigital manufactures PiBurn models for just about every laser engraver on the market. Needless to say, the guys at LensDigital know laser engravers at an expert level.

Interesting note: When LensDigital needed another laser engraver for production use, they considered all the brands the PiBurn works with, and purchased another Boss LS-1630!

“The PiBurn was originally built for the Boss Laser. We’re incredibly proud of this partnership and what it means for the Makers Market.”

Stan from LensDigital

Len’s story from the LensDigital website:

The first PiBurn design – May 25th, 2018

“Since I got my first laser machine, I always wanted to engrave tumblers, so I knew I needed a rotary attachment. But I soon discovered that my options were very limited.

The devices available were either super expensive, some selling close to $1K and lacked features that could justify the price, or, on the other extreme, cheap and poorly made. Those that were less expensive, had absolutely no indication of how they would work with my laser machine or how I would connect and configure them. There were zero instructions and zero communication with the manufacturer.

Frustrated, I set out to design a better rotary attachment that can engrave anything I throw at it and will not break the bank. After much testing, tinkering, and trial and error, I finally came up with a functional design that’s simple to operate, very durable, can be adapted to a wide range of objects, and is compatible with most laser engravers.”

Read the entire story at the LensDigital website

What does this partnership mean for our customers?

LensDigital and Boss Laser are committed to being industry leaders, continuously improving their products to better serve our customers. Because LensDigital continues to use a Boss Laser for their production needs, new features will always be developed on a Boss first. With this new partnership, the Boss Laser Edition PiBurn will have the latest features 90 days before models for other machines. LensDigital works with most other laser manufacturers and they continue to use Boss lasers for their “production” machines. It is quite the statement that they chose to partner with Boss Laser at this level.

The All-New PiBurn v4.0, Boss Laser Edition

  • Designed for Boss Laser HP & LS series ONLY
  • LS-1416/1420s use a specific model, choose correctly
  • Shown with Optional Magnetic Feet
  • First batch shipping 1st week of January!
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