Boss Laser Showcases New Metal Working Machinery at Fabtech Chicago

Why did Boss Laser go to Fabtech?

Every year, industry experts, novices, and enthusiasts look forward to one of the biggest events dedicated to metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing – FABTECH. Boss Laser went to Fabtech to educate and showcase our new innovations in Metal working and Fabrication, the machines we showcased were: LSR Hybrid, FC ACCUCUT, FC Fusion and LS 2440. Here’s a deep dive into what we brought to the event to showcase the innovation Boss Laser is adding to the industry.

What makes Boss Laser Machines Special?

Boss Laser Machines are designed and engineered in Sanford, Florida. We also utilize ISO:9001 Certification to ensure all of our laser systems are designed, engineered and systematically tested to confirm consistent power and precision. Every machine must pass a Quality Assurance Inspection before it ever leaves our production floor, and our process isn’t completeted after you receive your Laser Machine. We also provide lifetime tech support that ensures your machine is up and running year round, whenever you need help, Boss Laser will be there.

Who came to see Boss Laser at Fabtech?

At the recent FABTECH Chicago event, there was an overwhelming interest in Boss Laser machines including our LSR Hybrid and FC ACCUCUT that are pictured above. Over 160 attendees signed up to gain deeper insights into what these state-of-the-art laser systems offer. This interest underscores the growing significance of laser technology in the metal forming and fabrication industry. Boss Laser, known for its innovative and efficient laser solutions, is capturing the attention of professionals looking to elevate their operational capabilities. The large turnout not only highlights our growing influence but also indicates a broader industry trend towards the adoption of advanced laser technologies.

What questions did customers ask Boss?

What is the thickest aluminum/steel a Boss Laser FC ACCUCUT can Cut?

The Boss Laser FC ACCUCUT can cut up to .25 inch carbon steel.

What is the thickest aluminum/steel a Boss Laser FC ACCUCUT can cut?
The Boss Laser FC ACCUCUT can cut up to .25 inch carbon steel.
Can you etch with the FC ACCUCUT?
The FC ACCUCUT is built for cutting metal and cannot etch.
What brand power source do you use?
We use IPG Laser Power Source because it is the highest quality in the industry.