Accuracy vs. Repeatability

Accuracy: Maximum deviation from the input on the initial pass.

Repeatability: Maximum deviation of additional passes from the initial.

All Boss FC Series fiber laser cutters have an accuracy of 0.004″ or better, or 1/10th of a millimeter! A machine’s overall accuracy is affected by more than just the axes, components such as the power source, optics, and cutting head, all affect a machine’s accuracy. Most specifications only include positioning (and repeat positioning) accuracy of an X or Y axis, which is only one variable in overall accuracy. Specifications of comparable machines do not include the machine’s real-world accuracy, only a single axis positioning accuracy. High quality components including, Yaskawa’ Sigma7 servo motors with ball screw drive and dual HIWINN rails. make the Boss AccuCUT the most precise fiber cutter in its class.

Accuracy and Repeatability Models

The green dot represents the initial cut and the red dots represent additional passes. For comparison only, not meant to represent typical results.

High Accuracy and High Repeatability

The initial position is accurate and the machine holds a tight pattern on repeat passes.

Low Accuracy with High Repeatability

Although the initial position may be off from the target, additional passes deviate little from the initial position.

High Accuracy with Low Repeatability

The initial location is accurate, but the machine cannot return to the same location on repeat passes.

Low Accuracy and Low Repeatability

The initial position is inaccurate, and the machine cannot return to the same position on repeat passes.

What does it mean?

Modern laser cutters offer accuracy previously unheard of. Using state-of-the-art technology,

The following chart exaggerates the differences for clarity, and does not reflect actual measurements.

For Example OnlyHigh Accuracy and High RepeatabilityHigh Accuracy with Low RepeatabilityLow Accuracy with High RepeatabilityLow Accuracy and Low Repeatability
First Cut10.000″10.000″9.990″10.010″
Second Cut10.003″9.992″9.991″9.998″
Third Cut9.998″10.010″9.988″10.005″
Fourth Cut10.001″9.995″9.992″9.992″
Fifth Cut9.997″10.008″9.989″10.007″

The AccuCUT is our highest precision machine. It utilizes Yaskawa’ Sigma7 servo motors with ball screw drive and dual HIWINN rails. Specifications include a work area of 51″ X 51″ and available powers from 1,000 to 3,000 watts, which is enough to cut 22mm (7/8″) Carbon Steel and 9.5mm (3/8″) Stainless Steel.

How Much Accuracy Do You Need?

All Boss Lasers guarantee an accuracy of 0.004″ and start at $29,997.

If you have specific accuracy requirements, call us at 407-878-0880 or contact us via our contact form.

Boss lasers are found at Space Force, NASA, SpaceX and many other aerospace manufacturers.